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Homework answers / question archive / Discussion Forum 6 - Ocean Warming and Ocean Acidification 77 unread replies

Discussion Forum 6 - Ocean Warming and Ocean Acidification 77 unread replies


Discussion Forum 6 - Ocean Warming and Ocean Acidification

77 unread replies.5555 replies.

Global climate change is one of the most challenging issues of our time. While there are still some uncertainties about its exact effects, we are already beginning to see rapid changes in the ocean.  Most students understand the basic idea of global climate change, but many often get confused between the fact and the fiction of what is actually predicted to occur and how these changes are closely related to what is happening in the ocean.

For this week's discussion forum, you are to investigate the current scientific consensus about climate change using valid scientific sources that you can find that have been written on the subject in the last few years, including your textbook.  Choose ONE of the following issues that are a result of climate change:

A) Ocean warming
B) Ocean acidification 

DIRECTIONS FOR YOUR PRIMARY POST:  Research ONE of the above issues (choose either A or B - not both).   

  1. Explain (in at least 200 words) the details of what is happening and what is causing it. 
  2. Answer this question - How does this specific issue affect people, and how does it affect the plants and animals that live in the ocean?
  3. Answer this question - Do you believe that this is a major problem, and if so, what do you think should be done about it?
  4. Cite a minimum of 3 sources including your textbook.  
  5. Cite sources of facts/data etc., but do not include quoted passages.  Your entire post should be your own words, thoughts, feelings, and ideas about this topic.  

DIRECTIONS FOR YOUR REPLY TO TWO CLASSMATES: Read through the posts from your classmates and:

  1. Choose two that interest you.
  2. Based on your own research, add some additional information that they did not mention (in at least 100 words). 
  3. Credit will not be given for simply agreeing or disagreeing with a point. You must add some additional points related to the issue they are discussing.

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