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Homework answers / question archive / Question 1 1 / 1 pts When writing your discussion forums

Question 1 1 / 1 pts When writing your discussion forums


Question 1

1 / 1 pts

When writing your discussion do you correctly cite your sources?


Just list your sources at the end of your text as a "bibliography."


Citations are not needed


Use both in-text citations within the text, and complete citations listed at the end of the text. 


When writing your discussion forums you should always use both in-text citations and complete citations.  Please read the "Discussion Forum Guidelines" available on the course's home page for details.  


Question 2

1 / 1 pts

How does your instructor recommend studying for this class?


just watch the videos, because the textbook is unnecessary


read and memorize every topic in the textbook


focus primarily on the discussion forum topics


Using the Guiding Questions for each module as a "study guide" while watching videos and reading the textbook

The best way to study for this class is to use the Guiding Questions for each module.  Fill these out as a "study guide" when reading the chapters and watching the videos.  You will discover that many of the questions on the module assignments, midterm exam, and final exam come directly from these guiding questions. 


Question 3

1 / 1 pts

Which of the following may qualify as a reason to turn in an assignment after its deadline: 


bad internet connection


dog/ cat/ parrot or other pet ran away, ate your notes, chewed on your laptop, or worse


a change in your schedule at work


a vacation, wedding or other social engagement that was scheduled before you enrolled in the course


spilled coffee on your computer


documented hospitalization



Question 4

1 / 1 pts

How does this course (Bio 22- The Marine Environment) compare to a traditional marine biology course?


The two courses cover similar topics and are, therefore, redundant


The two courses cover completely different topics


The two courses are identical


The two courses cover some similar topics, but Bio 22 focuses on the connections among the chemistry, geology, physics and biology fields while most traditional Marine Biology courses focus on the details pertaining to marine life.


Bio 22 (The Marine Environment) is essentially an introductory course in oceanography, thus we will cover different aspects of marine geology, ocean chemistry, physical oceanography and marine biology as well. The main difference between Bio 22 and a traditional marine biology course is that oceanography is an interdisciplinary subject, and that means that we will be focusing mostly on the intersections of the fields listed above. Our overall goal in Bio 22 will always be to "connect the dots" by addressing how one field affects the other, rather than on the details, while a traditional marine bio class would require students to focus on specific information pertaining to marine life, such as the “differentiation of marine plants and animals” or the “comparison of evolutionary adaptations and phylogenetic relationships of the major marine taxa” for example. We will also be discussing topics related to marine management, policy and conservation, which may or may not be part of conventional marine biology courses.  LBCC offers an excellent Marine Biology course (Bio 20) with a lab and an honors class as well (Bio 20H). Bio 22 and Bio 20 certainly complement each other well, thus I strongly recommend that any student contemplating a career in the field of Marine, Earth or Environmental Science take both Bio 20 and Bio 22 to learn more about the world ocean.


Question 5

1 / 1 pts

How does your instructor expect your discussion forums and other assignments to be written? 


Your instructor does not care about spelling or grammar.  After all, this is not an English class.  


Your written work should be written in the technical style of a scientist. 


Your instructor does not expect you to write in the technical style of a scientist.  Your instructor does expect college-level writing using your own words with your own writing style.  

You have not had the training to write like a scientist and this class is not intended to give it to you. Thus, I do not expect your writing to look like the technical articles you will see published on the internet.  Instead I expect your written work to reflect your own personal style, with your own words and thoughts.  


Question 6

1 / 1 pts

Which is considered plagiarism?


Copying and pasting text from the internet without quotations or citations. 


all of these


Writing someone else's ideas or conclusions in your discussion forum as if they were your own ideas. 


Copying and pasting text from the internet, and then changing some of the wording to make it look a little different. 



Question 7

1 / 1 pts

What process involves the clumping of small particles into larger masses?








The Big Bang



Question 8

1 / 1 pts

What process accounts for the layers found in Earth?


Plate tectonics


Density stratification


Continental drift





IncorrectQuestion 9

0 / 1 pts

According to video episode 1, what are the major sources of the water that formed the world ocean?


solar winds.


capture of icy comets and outgassing.


accretion of molecular water from space.





Question 10

1 / 1 pts

The orderly process by which observations and experiments are conducted to obtain facts for rejecting or verifying theories is known as the:


hypothetical approach


scientific method


scientific law


scientific philosophy


scientific experiment



IncorrectQuestion 11

0 / 1 pts

Our sun is a medium-mass star.  What is the ultimate fate of stars that are more massive than our sun?


They explode and their elements condense to form asteroid belts and meteor showers.


Their mass condenses, their diameter shrinks and they ultimately become a planet.


They pulsate and increase their diameter and become what is called a red giant


They will explode as a supernova and spray chemical elements into space.  


Question 12

1 / 1 pts

Which substance was important for the origin of life because it can retain heat, moderate temperature, dissolve chemicals, and suspend nutrients?






Nutrient rich soil







IncorrectQuestion 13

0 / 1 pts

What is one of the reasons why Captain Cook is well known in the history of oceanography?


During his voyages, he took biological and geological samples as well as accurate and thorough notes. 


He discovered that the Gulf Stream is a strong current that flows northward along he east coast of North America.  


His initial voyage was the first to successfully navigate the southern passage around Africa. 


He proved that the Vikings discovered North America and settled there for a brief time.  



Question 14

1 / 1 pts

What is unique about the Challenger expedition?


This expedition was the fist to take oceanographic samples along the way. 


It mysteriously disappeared somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. 


It was the first and only multi-year expedition. 


It was the first large-scale expedition that was devoted entirely to marine science. 



IncorrectQuestion 15

0 / 1 pts

Why is oceanography sometimes considered the most interdisciplinary science?


Because the ocean is so vast, you must get on a research vessel and you meet and collaborate with other scientists on the vessel that are there for different reasons. 


The study of marine science has become popularized over the years. 


Different scientists from different countries all speak different languages. 


Because all oceans are connected into one world ocean. 


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