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MS Excel

1.    "As the operations manager, you use Excel to maintain project data and schedule facilities usage. You are finalizing the Projects and Scheduling worksheets for the current week. 

Begin on the Projects worksheet by increasing the font size of the range A2:A3 to 12 point."        8/8    
        Change the font size.        
2.    Enter the values shown in Table 1 into the corresponding cells in the range B8:C11.        0/8    
        Enter numbers in a range.        
        "In the Projects worksheet, one or more values from Table 1 have not been entered correctly."        
3.    Adjust the width of Column B using AutoFit.        8/8    
        Change column width.        
4.    "In cell E6, enter the following:

Select the range E6:E11, and then use the Flash Fill button (in the Editing group on the Home tab) to automatically enter codes into the remaining cells in the range. (Hint: You must use the Flash Fill button to properly receive credit for this step.)"        8/8    
        Enter text in a cell.        
        Use Flash Fill.        
5.    Hide Column C.        8/8    
        Hide a column.        
6.    "Switch to the Scheduling worksheet. In cell A3, change the cell content to Week of February 22, 2021 (instead of Week of February 15, 2021)."        8/8    
        Update a value in a cell.        
7.    Cut the contents and formatting of the range D15:E18 and paste them into the range A13:B16.        8/8    
        Cut and paste a range of values.        
8.    "In cell B13, create a formula using the COUNT function to determine the number of projects that have booked facility hours by counting the values in the range C6:C11."        0/8    
        Create a formula using a function.        
        "In the Scheduling worksheet, the formula in cell B13 should contain the COUNT function."        
9.    Adjust the zoom level of the Scheduling worksheet to 120%.        9/9    
        Zoom a worksheet.        
10.    Change the page orientation of the Scheduling worksheet to Portrait.        9/9    
        Change the orientation of a worksheet.        
11.    "Some weeks you need to track facilities-related information, but that's not necessary this week. Move the Facilities worksheet between the Projects and Scheduling worksheets, then hide the Facilities worksheet."        9/9    
        Move a worksheet.        
        Hide a worksheet.        
12.    "When you hand off your worksheet to the facilities team, another colleague will add information about contractors working on site. To create a placeholder worksheet for this data, insert a new worksheet in the workbook, rename the worksheet Contractors, and if necessary, move the new worksheet after the Scheduling worksheet."        0/9    
        Add a new worksheet.        
        "The workbook should contain a new worksheet named ""Contractors""."        
        Move a worksheet.        
        The workbook should contain a worksheet named ''Contractors''.        


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