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Homework answers / question archive / Lab Assignment 5   The table below shows the frequencies for the favorite color of both introverts and extraverts

Lab Assignment 5   The table below shows the frequencies for the favorite color of both introverts and extraverts


Lab Assignment 5


The table below shows the frequencies for the favorite color of both introverts and extraverts.  Test the hypothesis that personality type is independent of color preference.  Use α = .05.  Be sure to state your hypotheses, find your critical value, calculate your test-statistic, and evaluate the null hypothesis.  Also state a conclusion.


                                                Blue                Red             Yellow    

            Introvert                      8                      3                      1                     


            Extravert                     2                      9                      2                     



STEP 1:  State your hypotheses.




            STEP 2:  Set up the criteria for making a decision



            STEP 3:  Summarize the data into the appropriate test-statistic. 








            STEP 4:  Evaluate H0.  (Reject or Fail to reject)





Use SPSS to help you answer the questions above.  Turn in both your answers to these questions as well as your SPSS output file.


Note that you must enter the raw data in order for SPSS to perform the correct computation.  You cannot enter the numbers as they are printed above!  Use that summary information only if you wish to check your work by hand.  When using SPSS we must enter one participant’s data on each line.  The data you will use with SPSS are printed below:


Subject #                     Personality                  Color Preference        

1                                  Introverted                      Blue

2                                  Introverted                      Blue

3                                  Extraverted                     Red

4                                  Extraverted                     Red

5                                  Extraverted                     Yellow

6                                  Introverted                      Red

7                                  Introverted                      Blue

8                                  Extraverted                     Blue

9                                  Extraverted                     Red

10                                Introverted                      Yellow

11                                Introverted                      Blue

12                                Introverted                      Blue

13                                Extraverted                     Red

14                                Extraverted                     Red

15                                Extraverted                     Blue

16                                Introverted                      Red

17                                Introverted                      Blue

18                                Extraverted                     Red

19                                Extraverted                     Red

20                                Introverted                      Blue

21                                Extraverted                     Yellow

22                                Extraverted                     Red

23                                Introverted                      Red

24                                Introverted                      Blue

25                                Extraverted                     Red



You will enter that participants personality (1=introverted, 2= extraverted) in the first column (VAR1), and you will enter that participants color preference (1=blue, 2=red, 3= yellow) in the second column (VAR2).  So, you should end up with 25 lines as you go down the page, and each line will contain two numbers (VAR1 and VAR).


Once you get the data in, choose Analyze from the menu, then select Descriptive Statistics, and then Cross-tabs.  At this point hit the Statistics button on the dialog box.  Be sure to check the box next to Chi-Square and hit Continue.  Use the arrow buttons in the middle to move your variables over to be tested.  VAR1 is your row, and VAR2 is your column.  Then hit okay.  You can compute the chi-square by hand to check your work.



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