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7.3 Assignment - Final Draft of Researched Argument


  • Use the writing process to revise and edit written material effectively.


Your final draft of your Researched Argument should be a careful revision of your earlier draft using any of the feedback or thoughts you have as a result of the draft review. Your final draft should reflect your best effort on this assignment. You have had numerous opportunities for feedback and suggestions for this assignment. You have thought about and written about your ideas in multiple assignments. Your peer partner may have given you some additional thoughts, and, hopefully, you have discussed your argument with your professor.

Your final draft should be the culmination of all your previous work and include substantial revision. Your revision should be more than just editing of comments. Revision may include adding, deleting or reordering entire paragraphs, adding stronger evidence, or including a visual argument. The final draft should show significant changes and/or improvements to the first graded draft submitted earlier.

Assignments which do not meet the minimum requirements may be returned without being graded. Plagiarism or improper/lack of citation of the source material may result in failure of the assignment. Make sure you see Safe Assign Originality Report shortly after submission of your assignment to catch any unintentional plagiarism and make revisions if necessary. You will be able to re-submit your work one more time (two submission attempts allowed).

Be sure to include the heading with your name, the title of the assignment and label it Final Draft.

In this assignment you must demonstrate that you have implemented a research plan; used a rhetorically effective method of organization; formulated, developed and supported a thesis using sound evidence, reasoning and appropriate appeals; and incorporated alternate positions into a sustained argument.


  • 8 (full!)-10 pages plus a Works Cited page in MLA format
  • Use of at least 10 sources with appropriate MLA formatted documentation

Due: July 29, 2020 (subject to change by the professor)

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