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7.2 Assignment- Peer Review of RA DraftsSmiling students


Peer Review Worksheet.doc (Source: Montgomery College English Faculty)



  • Use peer revision, revision checklists, and other techniques to assess written material and to self-assess written assignments

You have all submitted complete drafts of your researched argument. Now, you will review each others' drafts. Peer revision is an important step in writing your paper. The process of peer revision is useful to both the writer and the reviewer. The writer gets feedback and comments from readers, which can then be incorporated into the final draft.
In addition, the act of reviewing other texts gives the reviewer insights that can be applied to his or her own writing.
Your instructor has emailed you with the name of your peer review partner. Please email your partner your draft via Blackboard mail. Use the attached peer review sheet to help you complete your review. Reviews should be returned directly to the original writer via email and copied to your instructor via Blackboard mail. Note: both your instructor and the original author must get copies of the review for you to get credit for completing it.
A couple of notes/suggestions about peer review:
1. It is not the peer reviewer's responsibility to comment on or correct grammar. The review should focus on ideas and structure. However, if any part of the text is difficult to read or hard to follow because of grammar or word choice or other mechanical errors, then it is worth mentioning to the writer with a comment such as, "I had trouble understanding Paragraph 3 because of grammar errors."
2. Focus on the strengths and positive aspects of the paper. Encourage your partner with positive feedback where applicable.
3. Accepting and giving criticism to peers is a difficult task for many people. However, it is critical that a reviewer provides honest, thoughtful feedback, and that will include suggestions for improvement. All critiques should include suggestions for revision or change. Reviewers should avoid negative, harsh comments or comments which are ideological in nature.
Due: Wednesday, Week 7  

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