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4.4 Annotated Bibliography Assignment


  • Practice searching for and evaluating appropriate sources
  • Summarize sources that may be used in your research paper
  • compile an annotated bibliography on a topic



First, review the link to Library Resources on the Course Content page for help with conducting research, evaluating sources, and other MLA formatting questions that you may have. 

Second, read about annotated bibliographies and see visual examples on Purdue OWL website.

Third, annotate 5 sources on your topic proposed earlier (See Topic Proposal). For each entry include complete citation information and a brief summary and evaluation paragraph (about 100 words) covering these areas:

  1. Three main points of the information in the source or the arguable position presented in the source.
  2. An evaluative statement on the accuracy, credibility, objectivity, currency, comprehensiveness, and authority of the source (see pp. 290-295); and
  3. How this source helps you understand the issue, if it supports your prediction about the issue or makes you look at the issue differently.
  4. Your main reason for choosing this source.

Note: Later, in your essay, you will be able to use up to two sources you used earlier in the course. For this assignment, please find five new sources.

Make sure your Annotated Bibliography follows standard MLA formatting and that each entry includes an annotation.

*See the following page for tips on annotating your sources.

Due: Sunday, Week 4

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