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Homework answers / question archive / Grammar and Punctuation Final Celebration (worth 70 points) Correctly punctuate the following sentences missing important commas

Grammar and Punctuation Final Celebration (worth 70 points) Correctly punctuate the following sentences missing important commas


Grammar and Punctuation Final Celebration (worth 70 points) Correctly punctuate the following sentences missing important commas. Simply insert the comma(s) where necessary! 1. “I just hate what’s happening to the Sunday paper” Mel said. 2. If I won the lottery I would go on a trip and share the money with friends. 3. Broken branches oozing bark and wilted leaves were all signs that the trees might die. 4. Home from his first day at kindergarten the little boy stumbled into the house. 5. “All I know about grammar” said Joan Didion “is its infinite power.” 6. Even though there was a zombie apocalypse outside the freezer was stocked with frozen dinners and the pantry contained a number of canned goods. Correctly punctuate the following sentences missing important commas and semicolons or periods. Simply insert the punctuation where necessary. 7. Our history professor has the flu in fact half the class is sick as well. 8. I certainly enjoyed her art project however I do not believe she deserved the award. 9. It was feeding time in the zoo the zookeepers fed the animals in the African and Asian exhibits first. 10. I have paid my dues therefore I expect all the privileges listed in the contract. 11. Martin Luther King Jr. had not always intended to be a preacher initially he had planned to become a lawyer. 12. Carmen has a broken foot therefore she won’t be doing any hiking this summer and it is likely she will need weeks of physical therapy. Combine each pair of sentences to create one correctly punctuated sentence. Use a mixture of FANBOYS, subordinating conjunctions, or conjunctive adverbs to combine these sentences. You must use each of these strategies at least once. 13. The class was struggling to understand the concept. The teacher tried a new teaching tactic. 14. Bradley realized that he was lost. He couldn’t find his way out of the corn maze. 15. The dog seemed sweet. It was ready to attack the intruder. 16. The rules of the game have changed. The rookies must be trained differently. 17. The little boy next door was taken to the hospital. He was given medicine for the pain. 18. I cannot access my email account. I will contact an IT representative. 19. Donovan and Marshall ordered tickets for the midnight showing of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. They fell asleep before the show. Highlight the appropriate pronoun in the following sentences so that the pronoun agrees with the antecedent. 20. Either exercise is fine, but (it / they) must be done regularly to do any good. 21. Everyone should know (his / his or her / their) legal rights. 22. In Texas, (you / one) often (hear / hears) about the influence of big oil corporations. 23. When an employee does not agree with (his / his or her / their) boss’s decisions, the employee should not support that decision. 24. The director chose this cast for the play because (it / they) had experience in the roles. 25. Neither the newspaper nor the radio stations would reveal (its / their) sources. Read through the following brief paragraph and highlight the appropriate transitions to unify the content. This section is worth 5 total points. 26. At first, weather forecasters described massive storms by their positions in degrees of latitude or longitude. (For example/ In conclusion), a typhoon used to be called “21.20 north, 157, 52 west.” (However/ Likewise), this method was confusing because storms are not motionless. (For instance/ Therefore), people developed other ways to identify them, such as naming them after disliked politicians. (Although/ Because) this caused criticism among the public, this trend continued to exist for quite a long time. In World War I, women’s names were used to identify storms. (In contrast/ In short), by World War II, men’s names became popular. Revise these incorrectly capitalized book titles. 27. do Androids Dream of electric sheep? 28. The devil wears Prada 29. Bury my heart at wounded Knee 30. Of mice And men Underline the subject and highlight the correct verb in the parentheses (Each independent clause is worth 2 points: 1 for the subject and 1 for the verb.). 31. The four flights of stairs up to my apartment (is / are) as steep as Mount Everest sometimes. 32. The team captain, as well as his teammates, (is / are) angry. 33. Everyone in my family (has / have) a season ticket to the games. 34. Jake and Eve (enjoys /enjoy) watching old movies on television. 35. The jaguar (has / have) no natural enemies; only humans, and even then only those who are well armed, (pose / poses) any threat to this great cat. Rewrite these passive sentences to be active. Consider rearranging the content, using strong verb choices and active language, and/or naming the subject doing the action, if necessary. 36. The aspiring actor was discovered by a talk-show host. 37. His dystopian fiction research will be presented by Alejandro Almodovar at the High Science Fiction conference. 38. After the hurricane, donations of food or money were sent from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii to the people of New Orleans. 39. Tom and Huck are portrayed as innocent boys with a thirst for adventure by Mark Twain. The sentences below share a punctuation error. Determine the punctuation mark that is missing and add it to the following sentences where relevant. 40. The lawn mowers roar woke Stephen from a sound sleep. He cursed his neighbors dedication to yard maintenance and dove under the blankets. 41. To avoid muddy dog prints on moms clean floor, we left the puppies in the backyard. 42. Even if Ezekiel and James hurry, the boys car will not make it to school on time. 43. Who’s the person in charge of repairs around here? The copy machines red light is flashing again. Identify the sentence-level mistakes present in the paragraph below. Highlight AND correct each mistake. There are ten total mistakes, and each is worth 1 point. When President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt visited the South in 1902. He was invited to a hunting party. The organizers of the hunt was eager for the President to have a successful hunt. They tied a bear cub to a stake so that the president could not miss the bear. After he realized that the bear could not escape Rosevelte refused to fire. A political cartoon was printed in a number of newspapers that was based on the incident. The cartoon, with a drawing of a small bear, was seen by a shop owner in Brooklyn. The shop owner then maked up a window display version of the little bear in a soft plush material. Before offering the bear to customers, the shop owner asks Roosevelt for permission to sell the new toy as “Teddys Bear.” The President gave his approval but wrote, I don’t think my name is worth much to the toy bear cub business.” He was clearly wrong, a bearbuying frenzy swept the country. The teddy bear has been popular ever since. Revise the following weak quote sandwich using the provided citation model to guide you (This category is worth 6 points.). Original Source Citation Model: Decker, Matthew. “Surviving and Thriving: My ENGL 101A Experience.” Reflective Essay, Montgomery College, 2014. Weak Quote Sandwich: Matthews’ essay, Surviving and Thriving: My ENGL 101A Experience” says that “Learning to write is always a challenge that requires tremendous dedication on the part of the student .” (Decker 2). Yup, he’s right. Revised Quote Sandwich =

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