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Homework answers / question archive / Open your graded Essay #3 document, which has been emailed to you

Open your graded Essay #3 document, which has been emailed to you


Open your graded Essay #3 document, which has been emailed to you. Review all feedback, including line-edits, marginal commentary, the rubric, and my final note. Please respond to the following Essay #3 Self-Assessment questions and prompts (Remember to write grammatically correct sentences and to edit your work!):

  1. What are the major issues Prof. D identifies in the final letter he writes to you at the end of your paper?
  2. Rewrite one positive comment you received on this paper.
  3. Rewrite one constructively critical comment you received on this paper.
  4. Do you run into any major error patterns or repeated mistakes that you or Prof. Decker recognizes? Yes or no? If Yes, please copy and paste a sentence with the error pattern; then show me how you would revise it.
  5. Is there any obvious misstep you made during the Essay #3 writing process? Be honest with yourself here.
  6. What can you study, practice, learn, remember, or do to improve your Essay #4 recursive writing experience?
  7. What is your favorite sentence that you wrote in this paper? Explain why.
  8. What are you most proud of in this paper. Explain why.

Due: Friday, Week 12

Submission Instructions:

Click the underlined 12.2 Assignment - Essay #3 Self-Assessment link above. 

Where do I post my work? After drafting and saving your work in Microsoft Word, please open the submission window (click on "Write Submission"), then cut and paste your work from your Word document right into the submission box below in the Assignments tool.

Please, do NOT submit an attachment and do NOT paste your work in the Comments window.  

Please make sure all formatting remains intact.


If you are not sure how to submit your work, please review the video on how to submit an assignment HERE.

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