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Homework answers / question archive / On May 6, you will submit your virtual portfolio

On May 6, you will submit your virtual portfolio


On May 6, you will submit your virtual portfolio. This is an email you will send to me with three attached essays. One of the essays must be the final Reflective Essay. Another must be one of the documentation essays (either the Short Work Review or the Comparison). For the final essay, you can choose between the Description Essay or the In-Class Exemplification essay about the SAPC. All essays should be clean (without edits or comments from Professor Decker), and I encourage you to revise the essays that have already received a grade. Clean them up, enhance them, showcase more of your revision skills. It is possible, if I am struggling to make a final grade determination, I will share your portfolio essays with another ENGL 101/A professor to help evaluate your work. Here is a visual breakdown of the compilation decision-making process:

This image shows a visual breakdown of the Portfolio Compilation decision-making process.


For more information about Montgomery College's portfolio review, please revisit this brochure, which I shared with you at the beginning of the semester: ENGL 101/A Portfolio Brochure

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