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Homework answers / question archive / Your course project, Integrative Project: Chapters 1–5, is due

Your course project, Integrative Project: Chapters 1–5, is due


Your course project, Integrative Project: Chapters 1–5, is due. 

Use the appropriate project guide linked in Resources to help you complete your paper. The preparatory elements of the template are integrated into the paper but not listed.

 Adhere to the following requirements for submitting your project:

  1. A complete paper consists of the title page, abstract page, table of contents, the body of the paper, and reference list.
  2. The body of the paper should be approximately 25–30 pages in length (excluding title page, abstract, table of contents, and reference list).
  3. Your paper should conform to current APA format and style including using Times New Roman, 12-point type.
  4. The paper should be carefully edited for spelling, grammar, and syntax errors.
  5. Your final Integrative Project: Chapters 1–5 should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

Review the project scoring guide to ensure that you meet all criteria before submitting this assignment.

Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information.

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