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Link to my Essay Topic http://library


Link to my Essay Topic Essay One Assignment Your first essa

Module One Journal

I think the audience influences my writing and the writing of others by thinking about who you are writing for and what they already know, and writing knowing how they will understand. If you work out who the audience is before you start writing, writing will make it much easier. The audience I choose is an audience that will think like me. I am writing about “Fast Food Shakeup,” by Charles S. Clark. This essay is about the fast food community.

The fast-food industry built itself a terrible role in any community. “Nutritionists attacked the greasy, high-calorie menus, environmentalists blasted the high consumption of disposable packaging and career counselors scorned the monotonous, low-paying jobs.” But now the fast food industry is starting to satisfy critics somehow. They are starting to become healthier, and improving benefits for the workers. I am going to persuade two different audiences in my essay by trying to persuade someone who 100% thinks just like me, and someone who 100% doesn’t think anything like me at all.

Clark, C. S. (1991, November 8). Fast-food shake-up. CQ Researcher1, 825-848. Retrieved from`

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