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This is the final assignment for this class


This is the final assignment for this class. It asks you to look back on the entire course and answer the following three questions:

1. What are the three most important HRM-related lessons that you've taken from this course?

2. Why are they in your top three?

3. How might each of them help you in the future: as a manager, as an employee, or as a colleague?

This exercise is marked out of 10 and is worth 3.5% of your final mark in this course.

For the full mark you must post your answer to these three questions and respond to the post below :



This class has taught me many important lessons about human resource management. It has laid out the foundation for being able to strategically and effectively manage employees in an organization and keep their performance maximized to gain a competitive advantage for the company. The three lessons that I found to be most important include Workplace law,  Health and safety, and talent acquisition.


  1. Workplace law is an essential lesson as it goes over the legal policies in workplaces. Managers and employees should be aware of laws and policies in workplaces to ensure all operations and treatment of staff is legal and to ensure what they are doing will not cause legal issues. Workplace law deals with many important aspects of the workplace. Humans’ rights help prevent discrimination, increases accommodation, prevent harassment, and enforces human rights. Workplace law includes acts such as the employment standard act which establishes minimum terms for employees such as wages, overtime, equal pay for equal work, etc. Workplace law also ensures equality in the workplace through the employment equity act which is designed to achieve a balance of representation of designated group members (women, minorities, people with disabilities,  aboriginal people) to decrease discrimination. PIPEDA is also a statute in workplace law that protects employees’ privacy by requiring consent for organizations to acquire and disclose employees’ personal information.
  • This is important for me as a future manager as it makes me aware of how people should be treated in the workplace and knowing the laws and policies can make it easier to notice if something in the workplace is legally unjust. Therefore I can put an end to any wrongful actions and improve the workplace, increase and ensure equality, and have high standards towards all employees. As an employee, it ensures I know my rights and am more aware of how my employer is treating the employees. If I am ever in a position at a job where they are not following workplace law, I will be aware and know my rights to avoid mistreatment of myself and fellow coworkers.  


  1. Occupational health and safety is another lesson in my top three as it explains not only the laws behind safety in the workplace but also how to prevent possible accidents and keep employees safe. This lesson explained the laws and policies that help enforce safety in the workplace including the occupational health and safety act. It outlines general rules, rules for industries, and rules for specific hazards. Health and safety also describe employer, employees, and supervisor roles to ensure due diligence is put in place to create the safest workplace possible, and all employees and following their requirements to ensure their safety and everyone around them. Health and safety examine the causes of accidents and how to prevent them including essential training, positive reinforcement, and management commitments to a safe environment.
  • This lesson is extremely important as a future manager as keeping employees safe should always be a top priority. Understanding your role and the employee’s role makes it easier to keep a safe workplace as everyone knows what they must do to prevent accidents. Providing essential safety training and understanding its benefits reduces a large amount of risk for potential accidents. Employers providing safe workplace and safety resources prove to employees they are career about and appreciated and keeps employees working there and can help reduce turnover rates. As an employee, this lesson teaches me my rights and role in health and safety. I have the right to deny unsafe work and my employer must take all reasonable precautions to ensure safety at work. Therefore, if I ever feel unsafe I know I have the right to refuse as employers are not completing their role in the health and safety act.  



  1. Finally, Talent acquisition is an extremely important lesson to know and skill to have as a manager. Hiring is an extremely important part of being a manager and knowing how to identify and attract a talented individual can help a business succeed and have a competitive advantage. This lesson teaches the pros and cons of recruiting internally or externally, defines how to create effective employer branding, and defines how to properly select the right candidate to avoid inappropriate and costly selections that will increase turnover and possibly create legal implications. This lesson also stresses the importance of diversity in acquiring your talent base. Integrating diversity and inclusivity creates a strong talent base and helps a company create a positive employer branding making talented individuals want to work for such a diverse and inclusive company. More diversity leads to people working with individuals who think and act differently. Collaboration among diverse individuals brings many new and unique ideas to the table which creates stronger and innovative ideas that benefit the company. This leads the company to more candidates and overall success and competitive advantage. 
  • Talent acquisition is extremely important as a manager to know how to hire the right individual for specific jobs. There are many types of selection testing and many steps to lead you to the right individual for the job. Understanding the importance of the right person for the right job helps decrease the turn over rates and possible legal implications. Understanding the importance of diversity and all of its benefits is also important for a manager to keep in mind to improve the company, company culture, and employer branding. Overall talent acquisition is an essential skill to have as a future manager in building a strong and talented base of employees to help a company succeed. 

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