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"Senator Andrew P


"Senator Andrew P. Butler of South Carolina"  -   (Focus your paper on his "political" career.  Do NOT write a "biographical" paper or a "summary" of his life.)  You must write about his involvement in state and national politics!



Your essay must be a minimum of 5 typed (double spaced) pages, NOT including the title page and Bibliography page.

1.    You must provide a title page and a separate Bibliography page (list of sources).

2.    You must use at least five, "scholarly" sources for your essay.  Do NOT use any type of “encyclopedias” as a source!   You should also not use websites OTHER than those that end in .edu or .gov.  You should use academic sources such as journal articles, monographs (books), journal diaries, newspapers, etc. 

3.    You must use the Turabian style and format.  Make sure that you use "Endnotes" and "Bibliography" style.  Do NOT use "footnotes." 

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