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Homework answers / question archive / Bedbugs in Hotels   Read the attached

Bedbugs in Hotels   Read the attached


Bedbugs in Hotels


Read the attached .pdf file name “bed-bug-hotel-eng”  to familiarize yourself with bedbugs. Located in the Now that you know a bit about bedbugs read the following Bedbug information from the EPA.

Lastly, view the video on Bedbugs at hotels.

Complete this scenario:

You are the Executive Housekeeper of a 400 room three star hotel in a busy downtown area. Your hotel is sold out over the next three days with a convention group that has stayed with you for the last six years and they bring in high revenue. Your lead room inspector comes to you with a grave look on her face. She tells you that the last 8 rooms on the 6th floor have an outbreak of bedbugs.

What will you do for the next 24 hours?

Consider the following in coming up with your answer:

The seriousness of the situation and how widespread it is.

Who is your support team within the hotel?

Who could be your support team outside of the hotel?

How to educate yourself and your team.

The immediate situation of the incoming group.

How to handle it if the media is involved. What myths do you need to clear up? How can you minimize the reputation lost?

How can you prevent this from happening in the future?

Add anything else you’d like to this case study.

This should be two pages long.




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