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Homework answers / question archive / An active discussion is the key to an interesting and engaging online course

An active discussion is the key to an interesting and engaging online course

Health Science

An active discussion is the key to an interesting and engaging online course. Start early in the week and check the discussions frequently to see what others have posted and to respond, adding substantively to the conversation. Please think about each of the following questions and respond not only to the question but also to what others are saying.

For this discussion, please watch the video,Delivering a Bad Presentation – Spot the Mistakes  (Links to an external site.)(4:50 minutes). Together let’s see how good our presentation skill knowledge is by seeing how many mistakes we can find.

After watching the video, let’s begin this week’s discussion with the following opinion-based question:

  • We have all seen presentations, at work, in college, on the web, or perhaps in your community. What elements do you like to see when you are attending a presentation that would make you consider it a success? What elements would make you consider a presentation unsuccessful?

Now, after completing this week’s readings and viewings, let’s continue on with these questions going through each one together:

  • Looking at the video list of mistakes and those you identified together as a group, which mistake(s) do you feel to be a “deal-breaker” in terms of presenting information, and what suggestions do you have to correct it?
  • Now that we are familiar with what makes a good presentation, are there additional things the presenter could have done better, besides the mistakes listed at the end of this video?
  • This week, you are beginning to develop your presentations, which will be due next week. As you start the process, what are some of the challenges to applying the writing process to developing a visual presentation?


This discussion will be graded using a rubric. Please review this rubric prior to beginning the discussion. You can view the rubric by clicking on "Discussion Rubric" on the Course Rubrics page within the Start Here module. All discussions combined are worth 30% of your final course grade.

Consult the Discussion Posting Guide for information about writing your discussion posts. It is recommended that you write your post in a document first. Check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. When you are ready to make your initial post, click on "Reply." Then copy/paste the text into the message field, and click “Post Reply.” 

To respond to a peer, click “Reply” beneath her or his post and continue as with an initial post.


Participation in this discussion assesses the following outcomes:

  • Outline the key elements of an effective written and oral presentation. (CO1)
  • Evaluate several strategies for organizing a presentation. (CO1)
  • Identify common mistakes in presentation delivery and propose strategies to avoid making these mistakes. (CO1)

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