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Homework answers / question archive / This discussion activity will assist you in identifying professional writing opportunities

This discussion activity will assist you in identifying professional writing opportunities

Health Science

This discussion activity will assist you in identifying professional writing opportunities. Although much of the writing we see in journals and other professional forums is done by people with graduate degrees, there are opportunities for health care providers at all levels to engage in writing.

You’ll want to check the discussion as often as you can to see what others have posted and to respond substantively to the discussion. As you think about each of the following questions, you’ll respond not only to the question, but also to what others are saying. We’ll keep going through the questions one at a time as usual, and thoroughly explore each question before moving to the next question together.

Like the other modules, the first question is based on what you have learned so far in this course so that you can post immediately without having completed all of this week’s readings.

First, let’s start with a question based on your experiences and/or opinion:

  • The best way to improve your writing is to practice. What opportunities are there for beginners to practice writing? 

Integrating what you’ve learned from the readings, let’s move to the next question.

  • In recent weeks, we have talked about the writing process and, specifically this week, strategies used in writing patient or consumer-centered messages. How might these strategies differ for different types of writing (tone, audience, etc.)? 
  • What obstacles exist that prevent health professionals from writing effectively? How can the obstacles be overcome? Consider professional, personal/family, cultural, and other potential challenges.

This discussion will be graded using a rubric. Please review this rubric prior to beginning the discussion. You can view the rubric by clicking on "Discussion Rubric" on the Course Rubrics page within the Start Here module. All discussions combined are worth 30% of your final course grade.

Consult the Discussion Posting Guide for information about writing your discussion posts. It is recommended that you write your post in a document first. Check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. When you are ready to make your initial post, click on "Reply." Then copy/paste the text into the message field, and click “Post Reply.” 

To respond to a peer, click “Reply” beneath her or his post and continue as with an initial post.


Participation in this discussion assesses the following outcomes:

  • Examine areas for professional writing in health care. (CO1)
  • Compare and contrast strategies for communicating positive, negative, and persuasive messages. (CO2)
  • Compare and contrast the tone that should be used for communicating with supervisors, co-workers, and consumers/patients. (CO2)
  • Apply specific strategies for delivering a health communication message. (CO5)

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