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Homework answers / question archive / Write an article on les miserables Paper must be at least 750 words

Write an article on les miserables Paper must be at least 750 words


Write an article on les miserables Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Upon a clear study and reflection of the novel, a fundamental theme of the letter of the law or in other words spirit of law features immensely throughout the entire novel. Based on such a perspective, this paper analyzes the theme of the letter of the law by addressing the nature of the law and how ethics relates to the theme of spirit of the law reveals in the novel.

Throughout the novel, one significant observation is that a majority of the characters constantly fight against their oppression and exploitation, with several cases of brutality, abuses, maltreatment, and injustice becoming a common order in the novel. Despite such inappropriate occurrences, sympathy remains eluded from the wretched members of the society. The unfortunate occurrences in the society exist because men and women in the society lack the most appropriate paths of proper sustainability depending on the kind of society. instead, such occurrences happen because of the failure on the side of the society, the state, and the law that governs the state and society. Evidently, the novel portrays a picture that despite the existence of the law to govern the affairs of the state and society, the same law has little to do with the dangerous classes in the society. Such an aspect makes the other members of the society lead miserable lives as the law that should act in their defense seems disinterested in advocating them, and additionally, offers little support for their plight. Based on such a reflection, it is clear that the spirit of the law is ethically unjust in advocating for classes of the just, instead it lean towards the support of the oppressors making the lives of the majority very miserable.

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