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Homework answers / question archive / Watch the following 3 videos and then read the Game Changer Case Study

Watch the following 3 videos and then read the Game Changer Case Study


Watch the following 3 videos and then read the Game Changer Case Study. Answer all the questions posed in the case study and make sure that you are considering your answers from the view of physiology and pathophysiology.

  • Sports Concussions and Youth Athletes - Full Video (05:48)
    • Sports Concussions and Youth Athletes Video Transcript
  • Trickle-Down Safety: Sports Concussions - Full Video (08:33)
    • Trickle-Down Safety: Sports Concussions Video Transcript
  • The Hidden Epidemic: Post-Concussion Syndrome - Full Video (39:45)
    • The Hidden Epidemic: Post-Concussion Syndrome Video Transcript
  • The Game Changer: Keeping Your Head in Contact Sports – By Patrick R. Field and Kelsey L. Logan

“The Game Changer is an interrupted case study that traces the football career of Anthony ‘Tony Tonka Truck’ Williams and the types of brain trauma that he suffers from playing football, from junior league level through high school, college, and his draft into the pros” (Field & Logan, 2018).

As sports-related concussions and head injuries have become more prevalent and more of a mainstream topic, as a provider you should expect to see these patients in your office. The Hidden Epidemic video looks at head injuries and how these relate to the mental health of young people in our country.

This assignment asks you to summarize each part of the case and to respond to all questions posed. Incorporate topics covered in Weeks 12 and 13 that focused on neurological health, pain, and psychological dysfunction. When responding to the questions in the case study, consider the information included about Anthony’s mental health and keep in mind any plausible/possible DSM-5 diagnosis.

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