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Homework answers / question archive / Subject: Food prcessing and safety

Subject: Food prcessing and safety


Subject: Food prcessing and safety. Question :The company that you work for produces chicken nuggets for the retail market. The process involves grinding chicken breast meat and mixing with water, salt and vegetable protein. The combined mixture is then formed into chicken nuggets and processed through a batter and breading line. After the coatings are applied the nuggets are par-fried in canola oil for 70 seconds at a temperature of 200 °C before being frozen and packed into retail packages. The par-fry step sets the coating structure, and provides color and flavor. It does not fully cook the nuggets. Final cooking is done by the consumer through oven cooking. Interest in food safety has prompted retailers to begin asking for a fully cooked and frozen product. In anticipation of such a request the company has begun investigating the possibility of providing a fully cooked product by holding the nuggets in oil for a longer period of time at a slightly lower temperature. Explain using the surfactant theory of frying why this may not be as simple as it first appears? What oil management measures could the company employ to assist with achieving its goal of a fully cooked product with the correct color, flavor and shelf-life stability?

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