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Homework answers / question archive / Write 8 pages thesis on the topic introduction to engineering processes

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic introduction to engineering processes


Write 8 pages thesis on the topic introduction to engineering processes. The success of professional engineers will give me the motivation to emulate them and even become an exceptional engineer. Moreover, my previous achievement will serve to remind me of my path as an engineer in the making. I will utilize good skills from people close to me in the institution and the society to meet the goals (Donaldson, 2002).

I want to observe my institution’s environment to know them so that I can adapt to the environment. I need to understand the norms and values of the institution so that I can adhere to the standards of the institution. I also want to know what is expected of me as an engineering student. Thereafter, I will align my goals with those of the institution to avoid the clash of my goals with those of the institution. Thereafter, I will liaise with my tutors and classmates to get the best out of their devices as I carry on with my classwork.

Engineering is meant to use known and available materials economically by exploiting them to solve problems and improve the lives of people in our societies. I want to use engineering and simplify things that seem very hard using the skills learned in school. I will be satisfied when I practice engineering elegantly. I also want to understand and use measurements correctly as a key requirement of engineering. Through continuous practice and curiosity, I am hopeful of becoming a competent engineer.

I will use the skills learned in my institution to assist my community to become better. The most important thing that can help me assist my community is by developing good communication and public relations skills. Interacting with the community gives an individual the confidence to face many incidences in life. Moreover, the individual has the confidence to express themselves and get assistance from relevant persons within their rich. Communication skills are very essential to every individual and personal and professional development enhances it day by day. It is also beneficial if an individual is able to deal with people in their society and community.

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