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Write an article on Primary Sources of Media and Youth


Write an article on Primary Sources of Media and Youth. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Some experts&nbsp.suggest&nbsp.that when a& reads comic&nbsp.and horror books, they tend to be lured in adapting what the& The comics’ crime and&nbsp.horror&nbsp.affect both the emotionally abnormal child and the emotionally average child. The&nbsp.state&nbsp.could not afford the crime and horror comics' risk, so this led to the enactment of laws that saw the ban on the sale of crime and horror comics. The elimination of these comics from the newsstands also became a&nbsp.forceful&nbsp.action& local communities. Parents also helped guide the children from purchasing the comics (Coville, 1954).

Rydin&nbsp.looks at the television as a media and its effects on the&nbsp.growth&nbsp.of children. The study looks at how media violence shown on&nbsp.television&nbsp.affects the reading culture of the youth. Too much&nbsp.television&nbsp.watching tends to&nbsp.turn&nbsp.someone into an inactive person.&nbsp.This has led to many young people having to&nbsp.battle&nbsp.with conditions such as obesity because they just sit around watching TV and& themselves inactive&nbsp.lifestyles.&nbsp.Although the TV can have educative programs for the young in&nbsp.society, it also airs programs that corrupt the young's minds (Rydin 2002).

Rydin&nbsp.states that the researchers concluded that violence is among the&nbsp.many&nbsp.factors propagated by children who focused so much on the programs that aired on television. However, they emphasized that power had another&nbsp.source&nbsp.that was triggering the act of violence. This factor could be a socially related or personal&nbsp.issue.&nbsp.Rydin&nbsp.reports that the globalization of television&nbsp.also&nbsp.led& a significant rise in violent programs' airing (2000). Television would be the most preferred media for the&nbsp.youth&nbsp.when compared to the radio. Television programs range from educative to&nbsp.dramatic, while some of the programs are&nbsp.violent. Although these programs are&nbsp.entertainment& the child, some of them offer lessons on how to fight. To others, the plans are a&nbsp.means&nbsp.of learning how to use the obscene&nbsp.mode&nbsp.of speech. In the 1950s, racism was at its peak, and this could be noted in every aspect, even in the media programs. The violent program to the youth was a dangerous&nbsp.exposure, and parents and the&nbsp.society&nbsp.needed to control what their children heard or watched.

Television, being a&nbsp.medium&nbsp.of communication, does reflect and&nbsp.create&nbsp.public&nbsp.realization. The general perception& put&nbsp.across through the images and information transmitted through the videos. The role of television in the 1960s supported meaningful reforms by televising the protests against racial injustices. The&nbsp.Kerner&nbsp.Commission report raised concerns of the society in the 1960s. Its most significant problem was the&nbsp.peak&nbsp.of racism, in which America appeared as two societies, the black society, and the&nbsp.white&nbsp.society. The report called for the integration of the black community into the white& creating jobs, allowing the blacks to access education in the schools for the white people only, among others. The president was not happy about the& one of his advisors reported that the report addressed violence and did not recognize his efforts against racism.

The&nbsp.Kerner&nbsp.Report was the beginning of the new America for ten years after its&nbsp.publication. progress could be noted in the American lifestyle. There was the black community's acceptance in every sector of the American economy.&nbsp.

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