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Homework answers / question archive / Topic: entering the global arena Practitioner Essay  You will write an essay for practitioners (i

Topic: entering the global arena Practitioner Essay  You will write an essay for practitioners (i


Topic: entering the global arena

Practitioner Essay 

You will write an essay for practitioners (i.e., your target audience). Practitioners are managers, white-collar employees, consultants and experts in organizations. Based on two coherent academic articles about a pre-defined organizational topic, you will transform the academic language/jargon in the academic articles to everyday language. In an attempt to bridge the arguably distant worlds of academics and practitioners in organizational studies, your essay will integrate the gist of these academic articles and make them accessible to a wider audience. 

First, you will choose a chapter from the book. Then you will select a specific topic from that chapter. Several students can choose the same chapter, but each student is expected to identify a 'unique topic'. Make sure to note down your topic selection bn the shared 'practitioner essay googlesheet on the SuCourse, so other students will not take the same topic (first come first served) (http://biLly/practitioneressay). You can see your classmates' topic selections in this sheet as well. Do not pick the same topic. The deadline for the topic selection is October 25 Sunday at 23:55.  

After you register your topic, search your topic on googlescholar ( and find 2 coherent academic articles about your topic. Your articles must be from the cop academic journals listed on the Financial Times top researclijoignals list (i.e., the FT50 list, http://bitly/ft50journals, except 2.Acadetny of Management Review, 9.Harvard Business Review and 47.Sloan Management Review). Make sure that both of your papers arelempirical papers (qualitative or quantitative), but not literature reviews, meta-analyses. or theoretical papers. Enter the two articles in the APA format to the shared google sheet ( The deadline for the entry of the articles is November 08 Sunday at 23:55, 

Finally, read and understand your papers. and write an integrative essay about your topic (not just the summaries of two papers!) aimed at the practitioners. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your practitioner essay: (i) Do not put the summaries of two academic articles one after another, but instead integrate their findings and write a holistic story. Use the evidence from these articles whenever relevant. Your essay is not about any of these articles particularly, but about the topic you selected. (ii) Always keep your audience in mind. Your writing must be accessible to them. Imagine your audience as smart and intelligent people (so they understand what they read) but do not have any academic knowledge about your topic. You need to walk them through your topic step by step. (iii) Your essay should have an appealing (striking!) title that arouse the reader's interest. (iv) The first paragraph is also very important. as the reader will decide whether he/she will read the rest of your essay based on this paragraph. So, start with an engaging story, a question. a quote, or a dilemma that will draw the attention of your readers. (v) Define your topic -and concepts- (what is the essay about, what are the core definitions), make sure to explain its importance (why is it important, why should I read it), relevance (how is it relevant to me), and contribution (so what, what is in it for me, how will I benefit from it) to the audience upfront. (vi) You can use bullet points or text boxes to bring forward the essential points. (vii) Strive for having a smooth flow of ideas. Your structure is important. (viii) DO not opt for long paragraphs. Discuss one idea in one paragraph, if you will start talking about another idea make a separate paragraph. (ix) You can structure your paragraphs under sub-headings to make them more comprehensible. (x) You can use figures, tables or pictures. if you find them helpful.

The essay should not exceed 2000 words. The format is A4, 1-inch margins. Times New Roman. 12 pts, double-spaced, left-aligned. Make sure include your name and student in the header ot the essay. Add page numbers. You will submit yo.___z_s_5_,5_ay and the two academic articles electronically on SuCourse (no hardcopy required). Turn-it-in reports will be required. 

The deadline for the practitioner essay is November 29 Sunday at 2355. Late submissions are deducted 20 points per day, so plan ahead! 

Submission status 

Submission status Grading status Due date 

No attempt Not graded Sunday, 29 November 2020, 11:55 PM 



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