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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on social environment field

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on social environment field


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on social environment field. In this instance the members of a neighborhood had agreed to form a games event in an effort to celebrate good neighborliness and good coexistence and also for it to be a good basis towards familiarization between the neighbors.

The event was held at a local high school sporting ground and open space. This was basically because the local high school harbors a sporting and big sporting space. It was also nice to meet the conditions of a public event. hence a high school was a better place to be, since it has the capacity to handle enough humanity. This organization and planning was done between the collaboration of the neighborhood committee and the local authorities for proper licensing and permits.

The event was organized during summer when most kids have gone for holidays and on a day that most people would be at home. The event was well promoted and almost every other neighbor in the locality knew of the day’s activities. Since I live near the neighborhood I could see families jogging and running around practicing prior to the day. All this was for the proper warm up and preparation. There was an excitement mood before that Saturday.

On the main day of the event, there was carnival mood, everybody was excited about the day, and the streets started filling up early in the morning, neighbors calling on each other in excitement, there was a short walk to the high school, hence the neighbors used this as a chance to warm up and tease one another as they walked to the high school grounds.

The communities walk ways were filled with kids riding bikes, dancing around or just families jogging towards the high school. The residents were carrying bags and picnic baskets in plenty. All the residents were headed into one direction, and that is the local high school, hence once in a while you would hear a giggle, an honest laughter or even a parent scolding a child a little bit for bad behavior.

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