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Write a 12 pages paper on biographical on j


Write a 12 pages paper on biographical on j.k rowling. Philip Nel stated that, “Both Anne and Peter Rowling loved reading, read to their children, and by the time she was six, Joanne began inventing stories which she told to her younger sister” (Nel, 8). Besides, her close relationship with her sister forced her to play the role of a guardian who is free to create stories to impress her sister.

William Compson stated that, “Rowling says that from a very young age, as soon as she was old enough to realize that people actually wrote books (as opposed to books simply magically appearing), she decided that she wanted to be a writer” (Compson, 14). Rowling collected the raw materials for her future authorship from her childhood and teen-age. Still, she did not neglect the importance of reading in her life. Victoria Peterson-Hilleque stated that, “Joanne excelled in many languages during her course of study” (Peterson-Hilleque, 23). On the other side, she knew that academic education can help her to pursue a university degree and career, but the same cannot fulfil her personal interest. The author made clear that, “Although Joanne had a university degree and plenty of teaching experience, she was unable to find a job” (Mattern 41). So, she tried to balance her life between academic education and literary interest. In short, her life before authorship was a preparatory stage for the future success within the context of literature.

Rowling is basically from the countryside of England, named as Yate. Besides, her father (say, P J Rowling) was an Aircraft Engineer who worked at Rolls-Royce Company. Similarly, her mother (say, Anne Rowling) was interested in science and was a science technician by profession. Robert P. Merges stated that, “Ms. Rowling came from a middle-class family of professionals” (Merges, 133).

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