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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Analysis of THE WIRE-Episode 3

Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Analysis of THE WIRE-Episode 3


Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Analysis of THE WIRE-Episode 3. With Pryzbylewski and Colvin and other characters the story makes a deeper impact on the minds of audience. For Pryzbylewski, it is heard to teach students in an environment which is infected by drugs and unethical values and behaviors.

The episode is a fine mixture of different topics and events that revolves around different subjects and characters. The episode covers the most controversial topic that how people play an effective role in running the politics. It starts from the scene when the Mayor Clarence Royce meets with the police commissioner Ervin Burrell to disclose his opinion on the brutal killing of a murder witness. However, his failure caused him a greater disadvantage over his opponent Tommy Carcetti that gained him a clear distinction in votes over Royce. On the other hand, Burrell assures the mayor that investigations will be made in order to find out the real case behind the brutal murder of the witness. Royce plans on how he can win a complete victory over Carcetti. He knows how to play his dirty political cards rightly against Carcetti. He orders Parker to demotivate Carcetti’s supporters and at the same time, he asks Burrell and Demper to organize a press conference and take all the blame of this specific murder on their shoulders. leaving him as an innocent Mayor who has been kept uninformed of all the situation and the gravity of the situation. His dirty thoughts start worrying Demper who is very much conscious about his own reputation in the re-election campaign but Royce threatens him and his career. Watkins silently observes the entire situation and blames Royce for his actions. Earlier, he has proposed a witness protection scheme and lays down the plans for its funding but Royce wanted to make sure that funds for the scheme should match his own budget.

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