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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on industry practice

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on industry practice


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on industry practice. Autocratic Leadership Style This form of leadership is similar to dictatorship. Decision making is centralized and all powers are exercised by the leaders. The workers and other subordinates are not given an opportunity to make their contributions on decision making and if they make any, it is never welcome by the leaders. This form of leadership is also referred to as authoritarian leadership style. The leaders are the ones who dictate all the organizational policies. They decide which goals are to be achieved and communicate them to the employees. The employees are in turn required to pursue those goals without questioning. This form of leadership has been successful in some organizations though it has also failed in others. It allows quick decision making and therefore less time is wasted on decisions. It requires a leader who is knowledgeable and experienced otherwise wrong decisions might be made (Goethals, Sorenson & Burns, 2004).

Application of Autocratic Leadership Style Autocratic leadership style is more applicable where control is required. These are situations where the margin of error is either very small or is not there at all. In such a situation, decentralized decision making is likely to cause organizational failure. It therefore becomes necessary for experienced leaders to make decisions so as to avoid or minimize the chances of any error (Daft & Lane, 2008).

This form of leadership is very applicable and is actually used in rigid organizations. These are organizations whose rules are rigid and do not easily adjust their policies as situations changes. In addition, autocratic leadership can also be used where the conditions are thought to be dangerous or are likely to cause harm to people. Among the organizations where the leadership is used include. military manufacturing organizations or in a construction (Daft & Lane, 2008).

Usefulness of Autocratic leadership in workplace The theory is useful at the workplace in situations where quick decisions have to be made. In such situations, there is no much time to consult. Decentralized decision making is time consuming and therefore cannot be applicable in urgent situations. Therefore, the leaders take the initiative to make such decision to save time. This is important because if time is wasted in urgent situations, the overall goal achievement of the organization maybe affected (Gitman & McDaniel, 2009).

The leadership style is also useful where strict deadlines are required. There are some activities which have to be completed within a specified time. According to Douglas McGregor in one of his theories, (Theory X) people generally dislike work. Therefore, they are likely to delay even if the deadline is strict. In such cases, autocratic becomes very practical since it will pressure employees to complete the task in time (Gitman & McDaniel, 2009).

Comments As a result of this practice, I will make an initiative to improve on leadership style at my workplace. I will make an effort to work closely with the management and sensitize them on the importance of autocratic leadership style. Despite the fact that including employees in decision making usually motivates them, there are situations where decision has to be centralized for various reasons. I will also take a leading role to create awareness for employees to accept orders given to them by leaders for the benefit of the organization in general. It will also be important to ensure that the organizational leaders are knowledgeable and experienced.

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