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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on hydraulic cylinder manufacturing


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. Their closed length creates a disadvantage such that they affect the required and appropriate building length of the cylinder. Manufacturers must therefore face extra cost in seeking longer rod extensions to solve the problem of closed length.

Chromium-plated pistons are among the rods used to manufacture hydraulic cylinder piston rods. The pistons come in various materials, for instance, CK – 45, 42Crmo4, 20Mnv6, and hardened steel. The outer piston receives a treatment of up to f7 tolerance with chromium coating that has a thickness of about 10-20 my depending on the diameter on the piston rod.

The chromium-plated rod has an advantage because it has induction hardening that makes it easy to construct especially in difficult working conditions. Chromium-plated rods materials are also appropriate in situations that extreme weather conditions because they have Nikrom or INOX as alternatives. Nikon and INOX are high-quality materials that have great capabilities of surviving even extreme weather conditions such as strong heat and heavy rainfall. The chromium-plated bars also possess the characteristic of easy size-ability. This means cutting them into desired dimensions is easier during construction as well as treating them as per the requirements of the installing firm or individual.

However, plating the bars with chromium gives a challenge to users especially in terms of time and cost. Chromium takes about 500 minutes to treat a considerably shorter length of the bars, making it time-consuming. Secondly, chromium is an expensive element making it difficult to acquire large quantities that would be sufficient in treating the bars for manufacturing hydraulic cylinder bars.

Chromium plate bar is the best material for the manufacture of piston rod for hydraulic cylinder. Chromium plate bar has great capabilities that guarantee not only durability but also efficiency. Hardened steel in the plate makes it highly durable as Nikrom and INOX provide it with the ability to survive adverse weather conditions. Its induction hardening enables easy and smooth construction where working conditions are not very favorable. Chromium-plated bars also make the manufacture of piston rods easier because they are easy to cut into smaller sections depending on the manufacturer’s desires. The kind of treatment given to such bars makes them highly resistant to destruction, as they remain highly efficient in terms of performance. In addition, the fact that chromium plated bars come in different types of materials makes their application more flexible. For instance, where Nikrom is not applicable, 42Crmo4 may come in handy to save the situation.

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