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1. Understand Key Issues in the Location of Businesses in a global environment. 2. Understand lean, cell manufacturing and JIT production 3. Understand the concept of warehousing and logistics 4. Understand analytical planning techniques in organisations 1.1 Evaluate location models and analysis factors influencing the optimum selection of country, region and location 1.2 Critically evaluate the facilities planning process and the optimum design of layout. 1.3 Apply quantitative approaches to location and layout modelling 2.1 Evaluate the guiding principles of lean manufacturing. 2.2 Analyse the concept of cell production and its characteristics 2.3 Evaluate the concept of Just-In-Time manufacturing and its benefits to organisations. 3.1 Evaluate relevant concepts, models and theories of warehousing 3.2 Discuss the common issues and problems related to warehousing and logistics aspects in organisations 3.3 Critically analyse the importance of logistics to warehousing and stocking 4.1 Evaluate the role of forecasting and linear programming in materials planning 4.2 Discuss the concepts of lead time optimisation and network optimisation 4.3 Evaluate the relevance of minicab, Excel, ERP and SAP in materials planning The unit will provide learners with the knowledge and analytical skills to evaluate the influence of markets, raw materials, labour, government policy etc. on strategic decisions for location of manufacturing and service facilities in a dynamic global economy. The unit will support learners to develop the analytical skills necessary for the design of layouts which optimise performance, minimise operating costs, and support strategic marketing and business objectives. Harvard referencing, 4000 words excluding references. Kindly include quantitative analysis and figures.

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