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Homework answers / question archive / There is a case study :Lucas, C

There is a case study :Lucas, C


There is a case study :Lucas, C. (2012) 'Flexibility' is what some call it; others say 'job insecurity'.The Age, 12 March. (accessed 12 September 2018) The writer should analyse and refer to this case seriously. Growing numbers of people are being pushed into a new and insecure workforce comprised of part-time and temporary staff. This temporary precarious labour force: the ‘precariat’, is now more numerous worldwide than any other occupational group. From de-industrialised environments to newly industrialising countries, young people represent the core of the emerging precariat where work and life are characterised by uncertainty and risk as a normal state of existence. The Assignment Question: Is it a core task for businesses in the post-industrial economy to create opportunities for decent work, or may work and jobs in the future never be reconstituted as they were in the past?

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