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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 7 pages paper on automotive engineering-brake system

Write a 7 pages paper on automotive engineering-brake system


Write a 7 pages paper on automotive engineering-brake system. During the operation, a push of the pedal causes the movement of the primary piston located inside the master barrel (Barnett, 2004). This activates one of the dual systems. The primary piston is tied to another secondary piston by a spring. The motion of the primary piston causes the movement of the secondary piston opening up openings that allow the fluid in front of it to build pressure. The pressure is evenly spread to the pads. The pads are connected to the rotor in the tires. The pads press against the rotor causing the tires to halt.

The master cylinder brake system is a system that is effective in the braking of vehicles. However, the brake system has its flaws that are pressure-related. The flaws are caused by the leakages that occur in the master cylinder that inhibit the actions of the brake fluid (Knowles, 2005). These leakages may be due to the contamination of the brake fluids. Leaks in the master cylinder have various effects on the brake fluid and master cylinder. Leaks cause the inclusion of air in the master cylinder which affects the operation of the brake system. The cracks in the brake cylinder may be so great that it leads to the loss of the brake fluid. Brake fluid is a vital component in the operation of the braking system of the car. The loss of the beak fluid can render the breaking system ineffective in the transmission of the braking pressure to the tires of the cars. The fluid is necessary to transmit the force on the pedals to the brake pads through the fluid principle of pressure transmission.

Several considerations must be considered before designing master cylinder, in the recent past, most manufacturers have settled on the use of cast iron in the master cylinder design because of the low costs incurred. The use of cast iron has been outdated over time by continuous research in finding better materials for use in the design of the master cylinder (Barnett, 2004).&nbsp.

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