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Homework answers / question archive / Write an article on The Modification of Concrete Structures

Write an article on The Modification of Concrete Structures


Write an article on The Modification of Concrete Structures. It needs to be at least 1750 words. If possible, it is advisable to upgrade a structure by retrofitting. Fly ash is commonly utilized in the manufacture of the concrete pavement mixtures, with the auxiliary levels. The replacement typically ranges from 10% to corresponding 20% of the underlying total cementitious material. Nevertheless, the specifications are commonly based on the empirical approximations that lack appropriate engineering examination. The effort decrease the carbon footprint related to the cement production severe effect the environment coupled the eventually concrete performance numerous transportation sectors have expressed interest utilizing relatively higher quantities the fly the concrete infrastructure

While the prevailing high volumes fly ash, concrete is balanced to manufacture to produce durable concrete regardless of the underlying predicaments (Choo & Newman, 2003, pp. 123-167). In recent years, the development of a strong and durable glue has resulted in a technique that has considerable influence in structure upgrading. It involves sticking steel or fiber polymer plates to the concrete. The plates then act compositely with the concrete and help to carry the load.

The primary purpose of the experiment to perform an investigation to examine the theory linked with a mixed design of concrete and the design and analysis of reinforced concrete beams. Below are the objectives of the experiment.

1. The method used was batch and Design, which was a standard concrete mix while using the BRE method. Self-compacting concrete was then achieved through the combination of PFA being a replacement for the cement.

2. The deflection performance of the load on the RC beam predicted theoretical point of view were compared with the results, which were obtained, conclusions were drawn on the shortcomings of the established theory.

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