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1.1.1 The “Significant of the study” is too weak. It does not make sufficient contribution to the literature or the practice. 1.2 The five objectives of the study are too broad yet superficial. A Master thesis needs very few numbers of in-depth objectives. One to two in-depth objectives are more than enough. Chapter 2 is too weak. You need to read high-quality academic papers to understand what has been done in your research field. Neither the quantity nor the quality can meet the academic standard. This chapter needs complete rewrite. In 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 you need to explain why you raise the research questions and develop your hypotheses. Especially, you need to carefully explain why and how you propose these hypotheses in a very detailed way. You cannot simply have these hypotheses and assume the reader will buy it. Chapter 4 the number of your respondents is too small. 1.1.2 The title is wrong. “Empirical perspective” is not a proper academic terminology. Also, the quality of this whole section is low. The reader does not understand what you want to say in this section or why this section is important. In Chapter the discussion on theoretical contribution is too weak. You need to discuss what your research can contribute to the existing literature in an in-depth way. The language throughout the whole thesis does not meet the academic standard and needs rework. The thesis needs a significant revision and rewriting. NOTE: I have attached my thesis and comments from my prof. to be more clear.

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