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Homework answers / question archive / A plant species normally has 2nSelect one:b

A plant species normally has 2nSelect one:b


A plant species normally has 2nSelect one:b. 36c. 9  = 18 chromosomes. Through an autopolyploidy event some members of this species are now 4n. How many chromosomes would the 4n members have?

a. 18

Many bananas are crosses between two diploid species. One species has a genome AA and the other has a genome BB. If the resulting offspring have a genome AAB; this is an example of what type of polyploidy?

Select one:

a. Autopolyploidy

b. Autotetraploidy

c. Allopolyploidy


What type of bond links the phosphate of one nucleotide to the sugar of the next nucleotide within a single strand?

Select one:

a. Phosphodiester

b. Hydrogen

c. Ionic

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