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Homework answers / question archive / Pat Overbridge, the CEO of Overbridge LLC, will implement a new employee benefit in 2020 to supplement the current benefits package

Pat Overbridge, the CEO of Overbridge LLC, will implement a new employee benefit in 2020 to supplement the current benefits package


Pat Overbridge, the CEO of Overbridge LLC, will implement a new employee benefit in 2020 to supplement the current benefits package.  Currently, all full time employees receive health care coverage, dental coverage and the option to contribute to a 401k plan.   The following new benefits are currently under consideration:

1) Wellness Program:  A program in which Overbridge LLC would provide employees with options to maintain a healthier life style (i.e. personal coaches, gym memberships, etc.) in exchange for a reduced health care premium.  The reduced premium would only occur if the lifestyle change was documented (i.e. personal coach validation or proof of gym use), or

2) Paid Family Medical Leave Benefit: A program in which qualified employees would be provided with up to 12 weeks of paid, job-protected leave per year.  Currently, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires 12 weeks of unpaid job-protected leave per year.

The Human Resources Department conducted a survey to collect primary data from employees regarding their preferences for the new benefit options.  The results of the survey are provided within the Module. The primary data supplied in the survey is the only primary data you should use in your report! Do not spend time making up imaginary surveys or interviews. Instead, spend your time doing credible secondary research.

Mr. Overbridge asked you to evaluate the survey data (primary data) and supplement these data with outside research (secondary sources) that would help him determine which benefit option he will implement.  The secondary sources should include credible data from third party researchers or from companies that have implemented similar benefit practices.     

Well-thought out arguments for and against the option you choose to research are required.  Mr. Overbridge also expects your recommendations to reflect the research and data presented in the report. Personal opinions are irrelevant.  

Your final deliverable is a well-researched, unbiased analytical report evaluating the feasibility of the two listed options above.  Your approach should assume that Overbridge LLC will implement one of the two benefit options, or a combination thereof. Do not approach this assignment as if Mr. Overbridge is questioning whether any program should be implemented or not. Make sure that the business report problem and purpose statements identify which benefit option you have selected to defend and justify.

You must use the Final Analytical Business Report template provided as a Word document in the Module.  Not only is the template a good example of a technical business report writing format, it also contains suggestions on how to organize your final analytical report.  

Required Elements of your Final Analytical Business Report:

  1. Cover Page – You are welcome to design an attractive cover page layout, but be sure to include the report title, the sponsor name (your CEO), the sponsor’s organization, and the date of completion.  There is no page number on the cover page.
  2. Contents Page – The headings and sub-headings should be exactly what is written in the report.  Be sure to use informative headings (see p. 112 in your textbook).
  3. Table of Figures Page
  4. Executive Summary – The executive summary is an essential part of the report. The reader should have enough information from this summary to make an informed decision without reading the rest of the report.
  5. Body of Report, including
  6. Sources in APA style
  7. Appendix - Use the file “Primary Data - Benefit Option” or for your Appendix A. An in-body citation for the appendix is required. Most students cite the appendix in the methodology section.  Others prefer to reference the appendix when they discuss the survey data in the discussion of findings section.

Use the required template (required analytical report template) provided in this module.  You must include a minimum of FOUR secondary sources, with in-body citations.  The body of your paper (from introductory paragraph to recommendations) must be a minimum of 6 pages and a maximum of 13 pages!

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