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Homework answers / question archive / Write 4 pages with APA style on Central African Republic

Write 4 pages with APA style on Central African Republic


Write 4 pages with APA style on Central African Republic. Reports from humanitarian organizations providing assistance to the multitudes of displaced and wounded natives reveal the prevalence of countless human rights violations perpetrated by the conflicting parties. Understanding the etiology of ethnic conflict in the Central African Republic entails analyzing possible factors that instigated upheaval between natives in the region (Bouchard). Ethnic violence in the region predates the recent December 2012 violent attacks beginning in one year after the current President François Bozizé’s ascent to power in 2003. Michel Djotodia, leader of the UFDR based in the Northeastern region of the country instigated the Bush War, which involved indiscriminate violent attacks against the central government and its allies. Fighting spanned three years and finally ended in April 2007 after the signing of a peace treaty between rebel forces and the central government in Birao. All involved parties agreed to honor terms stipulated in the treaty and work towards reconciliation. These included integration of rebel fighters into the central government’s army, a legitimization of UFDR, and provision of amnesty for the rebels affiliated with the UFDR. Amendments to the treaty occurred in 2009 resulting in the formation of a unity government and the setting of precise dates for the preceding local and presidential elections. Initially, both parties honored the terms of the agreement until President Bozizé’s re-election whereby, he returned to his inhumane treatment of the civilian population living in the country’s northern region. Torture, extra-judicial killings, and brutality against women and children propagated by the central government’s army became rampant in the northern region.

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