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Homework answers / question archive / Master Level Assignment: Master's Style:APA Page Length: Minimum of 4 All other details are in the attachments

Master Level Assignment: Master's Style:APA Page Length: Minimum of 4 All other details are in the attachments


Master Level Assignment: Master's Style:APA Page Length: Minimum of 4 All other details are in the attachments.

Section 4. Summary & Recommendations

Recommendations must reflect your industry and organizational analysis. Provide a set of recommendations based on your analysis, especially the SWOT analysis. Your recommendations must address the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of your analysis. Prioritize the opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses that you identified. Address them in descending order in this section, addressing the most important first and in the greatest detail. Recommendations should capitalize on opportunities and strengths and minimize threats and weaknesses. Provide a justification for each recommendation. In some cases, you may choose not to take advantage of an industry opportunity. If this is the case, defend your decision. Be certain your recommendations are reasonable (that the company could implement them) and make fiscal sense. Discuss how your recommendations should be financed. You may want to give a schedule (time frame) for implementation of your recommendations. You need to provide a summary of SWOT analysis before you give detailed list of the recommendations. Based on the above SWOT analysis, produce reasonable and justifiable recommendations in this section. In your recommendations, comment about the organization’s profit for future competitiveness and success. What does the organization have to do right to succeed (organization’s Critical Success Factors)? What are the expected results in terms of short- and long-term profitability and survival? 


Requirements: APA Format, References cannot be no more than 6 years old (Any creditable reference may be used including reputable publications such as TIME, the Wall Street Journal, etc). All evidence, facts, and claims should be cited using parenthetical citations. Please avoid the use of first person unless the assignment is reflective. Page requirement is a minimum of 4 full content pages.

Notes: The majority of the summary & recommendation section is based on other section I submitted throughout this class. It is included in one of the attachment in the email. I recently submitted the strength and weakness section once is already included in the paper as well.

You might recommend that they expand into new markets like BRIC or that they drop a product line or brand or that they move into a new line of business through diversification. They could open or close some countries or regions, divest poor performing business units, sell off a part of the company, delist themselves from the stock market, purchase one or more of their competitors, or any number of potential strategic actions. 

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