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Homework answers / question archive / Write 11 pages thesis on the topic future requirements for communication satellites

Write 11 pages thesis on the topic future requirements for communication satellites


Write 11 pages thesis on the topic future requirements for communication satellites. Satellite communications are increasingly becoming one of the fasted growing segments of space applications. This is particularly attributed to the importance of communications satellites in a number of areas including military applications, internet service providers (ISPS), governmental and a wide range of other civilian uses. The current rapid technological advancements in the communication industry coupled with the increasing competitive pressures in the industry are expected to markedly result in new requirements and improvements for future communication satellites.

The idea behind communications satellites is normally to send data into space so that it can be beamed back to other spots on the globe. The contemporary commendations satellites use various orbits including elliptical orbits, geostationary orbits, Molniya orbits, and low earth orbits among others. To provide fixed communication (point to point) services, communications satellites often utilize microwave radio relay technology that is complementary to the communications cables technologies. Additionally, the satellites are also used for a wide range of mobile applications such as Television and radio broadcasting as well as for communications between planes, ships, vehicles, and a number of hand-held terminals (Elbert 447).

The history of the use of communications satellites dates back to the 1960s when the United States navy developed the world’s first artificial communications satellite known as Echo 1 using an inflatable balloon 1. After its successful launch, the giant metallic balloon soared more than 1000 miles above the earth and was able to relay signals to other points on the plant. Generally, the success of Echo 1 marked the foundation of modern communications satellites. In October 1957, the Soviet Union launched the world’s first artificial satellite known as Sputnik 1 that was equipped with on-board radio transmitters. However, Sputnik 1 is not considered to be the world’s first communications satellite because it was not placed in orbit for the primary purpose of sending data to space and beaming it back to another point on earth.

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