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Homework answers / question archive / Perth Corporation has two operating divisions

Perth Corporation has two operating divisions


Perth Corporation has two operating divisions. a casino and a hotel. The two divisions meet the requirements for segment disclosures. Before transactions between the two divisions are considered, revenues and costs are as follows: casino Natal Reverees 511.080.02e 513.000,000 Casts 13.000.08e 14.000,0e0 The casino and the hotel have a joint marketing arrangement by which the hotel gives coupons redeemable at casino slot machines and the casino gives discount coupons good for stays at the hotel. The value of the coupons for the slot machines redeemed during the past year totaled S5.000.000. The discount coupons redeemed az the hotel totaled S1.000.000. As of the end of the year. as coupons for the current year expired. Required: What are the operating profits for each division considering the effects of the costs arising from the joint marketing agreement? (Enter your answers In thousands.) • • • • 

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