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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on globalization & innovation

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on globalization & innovation


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on globalization & innovation. 7 October Globalization Modern age is characterized by globalization. The industrial revolution and technological advancement have enabled different countries to cover one another’s weaknesses and make this world a more complete place to live in. In the past, people did not happen to see much of the world because their voyages were restrained by lack of transport. If someone resolved to travel the world, his/her family would probably never see him/her again. Technological advancement has connected people so dramatically and nicely that today, it is possible for people from the seven continents to be in their respective continents and yet live chat with one another simultaneously. Thus, technological advancement has promoted globalization in several ways. Globalization is not necessarily just the exchange of products among countries. Even the live chat people sitting hundreds of thousands of miles away from one another do promote globalization in its way. Thus, most of the things we do on a daily basis on individual and collective levels promote globalization on a micro or a macro level.

I am a student at Grant MacEwan University. When I look around, I can find something from almost every country I place my finger upon while rotating the globe ball. In my University, the Grant MacEwan hoodie is made in Canada, the Grant MacEwan sweat pants are made in Honduras, the ball pen in its campus’s book store is made in Japan, Lays Chips in the campus’s convenience store are made in the USA, the pocket hair comb in the same store has been retrieved from China, coffee available in its food outlets is made from the coffee beans imported from Mexico while fresh oranges are produced by the farmers in the USA.

Today, Africa is fed the same Nestle products that are consumed in the United States of America. A man in Pakistan is eating the same mango as another in Chicago. Persian rugs glorify the mansions of the American elite. Chinese cuisine is endorsed by the people of Texas and Japanese cars are being driven on the highways of Dubai. “China now accounts for 50 percent of global production of motorcycles” (Hagel and Brown 3). We can find Tortillas and Oreo Cookies in the grocery stores of Kenya.

Trade has evolved so much in the past few centuries that most of the people in the world are today enjoying almost the same standard of living. A vast majority of people of the developing countries have spent at least some part of their life in the developed countries, so they are pretty much part of the same culture as we have here in the USA.

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