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Homework answers / question archive / Discussion of Theoretical Concepts 1

Discussion of Theoretical Concepts 1


Discussion of Theoretical Concepts 1. Literature Review: conduct a review of relevant academic literature and provide a critique of the current issues that are facing Morningside pharma. 2. You must cover the following 7 topics • Analysis and approaches to capacity planning • Analysis of CSR and Ethics • Analysis of Project Management and its implications • Quality management and its implications • Analysis of project management • Analysis of Information systems for procurement • Role of operations manager 3. Provide a critical overview using sufficient-up-to-date, relevant sources 4. Seek similarities/differences between authors/studies 5. Select small issues that are relevant to Morningside Pharmaceuticals Application 1. An application of theory to practice: you need to compare actual practice at your case study organisation with the key academic thinking established in the review of literature. 2. It may point out similarities and differences, agreements and contradictions, and suggest explanations for these relationships. Recommendation 1. You should summarise the main findings and their implications and provide recommendations that directly relate to this analysis. 2. The recommendation should draw on the theoretical discussion on the concepts and the analysis of these to the case organisation References 1. Between 22-26 references 2. Must be Harvard referencing 3. References must be shown within the main body of the case study 4. Must be up-to-date (2005 onwards) 5. Must be of good quality (books, journals, official reports, independent sources)

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