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Homework answers / question archive / Write an article on Irans Nuclear Weapons Paradigms

Write an article on Irans Nuclear Weapons Paradigms


Write an article on Irans Nuclear Weapons Paradigms. It needs to be at least 1500 words. To realists, the presence of war is essential in a state system as it clearly underlines the hypothesis of international conflict. Such states are characterized by chaos and revolutions, which are directly linked to vested national interests, distribution of power, and conflict.

The Iranian nuclear program has attracted much attention within the international arena due to the interest devoted by the nation’s states on their foreign policies (Bowen & Brewer2011). In international relations, realists and idealists paradigms are important as they concern themselves with substantive issues affecting nations and states while making foreign policy decisions. Political realists argue that states struggle to secure conflicting national interests creating the main action on the globe (Rourke, 2007). Iranian nuclear activities open up the possibility of a secret relationship between her religion and the ongoing nuclear standoff that is mounting international pressure. The European Union (EU), United States, and UN unanimously agreed that the development of nuclear fuel cycle by Iran must be done in line with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) (OConnell & El Molla, 2013) According to the Treaty, US felt that Iran was in violation with Article III that safeguarded obligations by using her enrichment program for weapons purpose (Fitzpatrick, 2013).

The sanctions executed by the United Nations Security Council seeking to tighten restrictions on finance and sipping “proliferated-sensitive activities” clearly indicates a looming international crisis expressed by countries represented in the council. In a chaotic environment, those who do not apply chaos and choose to ignore realistic principles, they will not survive. Therefore, national interests mainly focus on the preservation of a state’s security mechanisms and power for success. It is clearly evident that states, just like human beings have a strongly nurtured desire to dominate others while they aim at calculating their national security in a hostile and chaotic environment.

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