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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Crises of Print Media

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Crises of Print Media


Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Crises of Print Media. The print media can be said to be going through a twin crisis of firstly losing out the total circulation but also in the form of loss of revenues from advertising. With free online content available for the users, print media proves to be an expensive and less interactive medium. The emergence of digital and electronic media has proved to be a severe competition for the survival of the print media business model. (Neiva and Elizabeth)

The introduction to the internet and wide acceptance of the internet caused a rapid change in consumer behavior. With the internet, users were able to customize the news, interact with the writers, and to check updates two to three times. Moreover, with the internet, users were able to read online or download other print books and magazines.

The Internet offers the content for free and the sources for the content are numerous. All one has to do is go online and search for the needed item. The use of the internet for getting information, news, books and content became popular in the USA during the financial crisis of 2007-8 where users tried to save costs and this eventually led to a 30% decline in the circulation of the print newspapers.

With the changing consumer behavior and acceptance of online content, the advertisers shifted their budgets from print to online mediums. With the decline in the circulation of the newspaper and a decline in the revenues by overall print media, advertisers experienced a rise in revenue of 10% by spending online. (Levy)

The combined effects of these three factors left the print media with the twin crisis. The print media world is now left with declining circulation and revenues whilst trying to fight the competition against the electronic media.

The digitization of content may have affected the print media but it can be taken as a potential source of revenues. Several print companies have considered an investment in the digital world as strategically important.

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