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Homework answers / question archive / For extra credit watch a movie or a tv show that contains a legal issue

For extra credit watch a movie or a tv show that contains a legal issue


For extra credit watch a movie or a tv show that contains a legal issue.* There are many movies that include legal issues. Movies such as "Erin Brockovich", "The Founder", "Twelve Angry Men", "Flash of Genius", "Tucker A Man and his Dream" and many, many more. Be creative and have fun with this assignment! Write two paragraphs. One paragraph will summarize (in your own words, not in IMDB's words) the movie and whether or not you liked it and why. The second paragraph will address and discuss the legal issue. Be sure to discuss which chapter and legal issue (or even chapters and legal issues) the legal issue. appears in. Also, how that legal issue plays into the movie. An example could be: I saw "Catch Me If You Can" which involved..... (your summary here) ** (l liked this movie because Frank Abagnale was a very inventive guy and/or I didn't like this movie because I do not like the glorification of a criminal). Paragraph Two: "Catch Me If You Can" includes many legal theories. One of those theories is the forgery which can be found in Chapter 6 of the textbook. Frank Abagnale, the protagonist of the movie, forged Pan Am payroll checks. He was not employed by Pan Am but he figured out how to lift the Pan Am trademarks off of toy airplanes and put them on checks. Very creative! But definitely the forgery. He could also be found liable based on the theory of fraud as found in Chapter 5, tort law. He could be found liable for fraud based on his impersonating an attorney, a doctor, a teacher, etc. Additionally, the legal theory of extradition (Chapter 7, International Law) would be applied to the efforts of Interpol and other agency representatives in capturing Frank Abagnale while he was in France and sending him back to the United States. *The legal issue does not need to be the primary theme, however, there needs to be a legal issue contained in the movie that you would address. **You cannot review "Catch Me If You Can"for this assignment.

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