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Homework answers / question archive / Write an article on Mixture and a Compound

Write an article on Mixture and a Compound


Write an article on Mixture and a Compound. It needs to be at least 1500 words. A mixture is a matter of impure substances made of either two or more homogenous pure substances (compounds or elements), brought together physically (Syamal, 2007). The components inside a mixture at a single moment vary relatively. hence, they are not fixed. The key properties of mixtures are that they don’t have fixed properties and that no new substance is formed in the combination. the reason being that their property is dependent on combination fraction and nature of the constituents where properties of constituents are similar to those of the mixture. Just as it is formed, its constituents can also be split by physical methods like sedimentation, decantation, distillation, and chromatography among others.

On the contrary, compounds are pure substances, consisting of two or more components, just like mixtures, but chemically merged together to create a new substance with different properties from its constituents. At any single moment, the components of a compound exist in fixed ratios. They have fixed properties without having to rely on constituents’ properties. Its constituents can be split through chemical reactions and not physical methods. Components of a compound are held together by strong covalent bonds unlike in mixtures, whose components are held loosely by weak forces.

Elements and compounds are pure substances, but unlike compounds, elements cannot be split further. According to Stoker ( 2012, p.16), “a pure substance can be classified as either an element or a compound on the basis of whether it can be broken down into two or simpler substances by chemical means.” In the event where compounds are heated or broken down, it produces simpler substances that had been used to create it. An element consists of atoms of a homogeneous type that are kept close together by bonds. There exist a hundred and seventeen recognized elements where less than thirty of them, have been developed in the laboratory by bombarding smaller units with naturally occurring elements.

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