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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on depictions of obese television stars

Write a 5 pages paper on depictions of obese television stars


Write a 5 pages paper on depictions of obese television stars. These dances require the dancers to be flexible enough and be light in weight as opposed to being obese (Julie par. 1-6).

Julie was caught in surprise as The TV program introduced new personalities, particularly the character of Lauren. Lauren’s role in the show was represented by actress Ashley Fink. Ashley Fink is an overweight lady who takes the role of a wrestler. Julie is not contented with the glorification of obesity or overweight by TV programs. Julie highlights that the greatest mistake done by peers is losing their identity and adopting what is broadcasted on TV programs. Julie also says she overheard one of her peers in college ridicule Glee's introduction and subsequent representation of actress Ashley Fink. The peer said, “Who wants to watch that on TV?” It is it that she was okay with being fat (Julie par. 1-6).

Julie feels that what other female characters want is an equal portrayal of a diversity of sizes. This includes the sizes of average women. When such images are shown, women can feel satisfied. Women hate representation of women such as Lauren. This is because such figures never existed in the past. Even characters of such nature existed before but made efforts to work on their weight. This can be captured in Julie’s words that there is no problem being obese. As long as a person is making efforts to eliminate it and achieve a perfect image, it is okay (Julie par. 1-6)

Julie also criticizes the idolization of body sizes on TV shows. She also criticizes individuals who alter their lifestyles to resemble a certain star in a TV program. This is evident from Lauren. Lauren gets into a relationship with Puck, who is also a fat person. Julie concludes that she does not hate Characters like Lauren. She admires her and admits that she has a powerful personality. As Julie says, what other female characters want is the portrayal of diverse body sizes. This will help individuals to appreciate and realize that people are different. There is no single person who can resemble another (Julie par. 1-6).

Smith notes that Amber Riley‘s Mercedes Jones is replaced by Ashley Fink who takes the character of Lauren. Ashley Fink compared to Amber Riley, is much obese.

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