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Write an article on Operating Systems Comparison


Write an article on Operating Systems Comparison. It needs to be at least 1750 words. There are several and diverse components of an operating system that include but not limited to file management, security, memory, and process management. It is worthwhile to compare each operating system to evaluate and assess the above-given components of an operating system. The following paragraphs present the comparison of basic operating systems with respect to the above-given features (Solomon, Russinovich & Polze, 2006).

File Management

The file management system refers to the organization, management and manipulation of computer data in documents and files that is provided by the file manager (different with respect to the operating system) through a graphical user interface. The computer documents and files can be created, edited (existing file), viewed and deleted from the computer memory as well as the files can be arranged in computer directories / folders. The process of file management differs with respect to the operating system as presented in the following paragraphs (Goel, 2010).

There are several file managers used by Microsoft Windows only that include but not limited to the Altap Salamander, FAR Manager, File Manager, Windows Explorer etc. The files are placed in the folders and the index contains the file information known as File Allocation Table (FAT). One of the latest file management systems of the Windows is the New Technology File System (NTFS). The NTFS store owner name, it provides POSIX file permissions, creation timestamps, last access timestamp, and last content modification timestamp.

The Mac operating system uses the file managers that include: the Disk Order, Finder, Path Finder, and Xfile. The Disk order file manager provides the graphical user interface and shows the files as list view and twin panel view only. The Finder and Path Finder file managers show the icon, list view, panel view, column view, and thumbnails of the files stored in the Macintosh operating system.

Linux and UNIX use the file manager include the emelFM2, ROX-Filer, Krusader, and the Gentoo file manager. In the Linux and UNIX, there is a root directory (/), directories, and sub-directories (if any) and the files can be presented as “/usr/local/filename.txt”. The directory structure and contents of the directory are defined by the File-system Hierarchy System (FHS) in the Linux and UNIX operating systems.

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