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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses what rights should animals have

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses what rights should animals have


Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses what rights should animals have. The vote was aimed at adding a simple clause in the constitution to change the way in which people treated animals in that country. It is the first country in Europe to accept constitutionally the fact that animals had some rights like fair treatment and good feeding. The same has been followed in several other continents in the world and has led to fairer treatment of all animals with a court penalty owing to the violation thereof as discussed by CNN (2012).

According to Lafollette (n.d), there are boundaries about animals that human beings should strive not to cross as opposed to treating animals in the way one pleases. It is not legitimate to mistreat animals even though they have no voice to rise. In this culture that we are living in today, animals are used as the main source of food, clothes, and research on drugs and to test the vulnerability of some appliances at home. All these can only be realized when the animal is dead or involves inflicting pain to the animal. Animals have a right against overcrowding. This implies that an animal has a right to enough space during its lifespan. This has not been followed especially by farmers who keep them for profit. Animals also have the right to enough movement. Due to the limitations of space, animals are confined in one place leading to less feeding and poor movement. For instance, chicken is overcrowded in little battery cages. The more crowded the animals are, the more likely they are to attack each other and cause injury to one another.

In an opinion, Lafollette (n. d) adds that people should use more vegetables to reduce the killing of animals for food. Many people hold an opinion that animals do not feel pain and has led to the killing of many animals for not only food but also for scientific research and testing. When a dog is hit by a stray vehicle, the way it convulses bleeds, and yelps are sure proof that animals feel pain. The same way, a cat reacts even at the small attempt to step on its tail is another proof of the sensitivity of their nervous system. It becomes controversial at times because there is a need for nutrients in humans that can only be found in animals and the experiments that are done on animals is vital for human survival.

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