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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on action memorandum on congo

Write a 5 pages paper on action memorandum on congo


Write a 5 pages paper on action memorandum on congo. Corruption was terrible and the country fell into disrepair. This terrible period followed an even worse one when the country was a Belgian colonial possession. So the Congo has never had it easy. But the problems in recent years make all other problems pale in comparison. Nearly 5 million people have died in the last 12 years, more than in any other conflict since the Second World War. This conflict started off with the Rwandan Genocide of 1994. Congo shares its border with Rwanda and some of the extremist Hutu militias crossed the border and entered Congo. In the words of one article, “Rwanda, now run by the Tutsi force which ended the genocide, has twice invaded its much larger neighbor, saying it wants to wipe out the Hutu militias. Gen Nkunda has always claimed he was protecting Congolese Tutsis from attacks by the FDLR.” (What is the conflict about?). The rebels entered the country with the intention of exploiting the minerals available in the country and this has led to a huge conflict in the country. There is no proper road link or railway link in Congo and the rebels have certainly made the most of this fact. The country is cut off from the other countries and this means that for any help to arrive it would take a minimum of 3-4 days. This factor has been exploited to its very maximum by the rebels. The rebels have enriched themselves in many ways: some steal valuable resources such as timber. Others have taken to using old tin mines to produce coltan—a material that is increasingly valuable these days as it is needed for cell phones. The coltan is than smuggled out of the country and sold to the highest bidder. As demand has increased so have the illegal coltan operations in Congo. The rebels have little respect for human life. Enriched, they rape and pillage without compunction. This has just worsened the situation in the country.

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