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Homework answers / question archive /   The decision to go to the moon e The speech was delivered by John F

  The decision to go to the moon e The speech was delivered by John F



The decision to go to the moon e The speech was delivered by John F. Kennedy at Rice University on September 12, 1962. o The purpose of this speech was to persuade the audience to invest in the NASA exploration and to inform everyone on how the program is doing and the advancements thus far. - The tone was: motivational. inspirational “Wail, space is there,end were going to ciimb it..end new hopes for knowledge and peace are there. " Con?dent “ this decade. we shalll make up and move ahead. ” Proud “This is a breathtaking pecaand such a pace cannot help but create new iils as it dispels old. new ignorance, new problems, new danger: " Venn diagram Both Both are presidential speeches. Both presidential speeches are regarded as among the bests in history. line displays of leadership and communication skills. Both were made and said in light of mankind's greatest. sky-scraping efforts: to explore the universe beyond our planet. Both JFK and Reagan emphasized the very American image of the pioneer exploring and discovering new lands. Even though the context and message of the speeches were very different, they both present the exploration of space as something noble and heroic. The audience was the American nation. Both speeches make reference to famous explorers - George Mallory and Sir Francis Drake - figures who made great sacri?ces to discover new lands and who are revered for their bravery. dedication and heroism. Address to the nation on the challenger disaster The speech was delivered by President Ronald Reagan on January 28. 1986 at The White House which was broadcast on the national television. The purpose of this speech was to mourn the losses of the astronauts that were killed. to also give hope towards the future and address that this will not stop the future of space travel. and to inspire the American public and not lose hope for the future. The tone is remorseful. moumful. hopeful, he wants to make it clear that this is a national tragedy and the deaths of these people will not be forgotten.

The message was that enormous progress has Another similarity is how both The message is that the been made by Americans in speeches focus on the future. explosion of the Challenger the exploration of space, Kennedy says how it is time to space shuttle was a tragedy, but and that the United States' expand our knowledge and to that sometimes when you take space program will achieve challenge ourselves to move risks and pioneer new frontiers, the goal of getting men on forward. He discusses what is there are accidents and loss the moon, even though it being done to expand the space along the way. will cost a lot of money. program and how it will improve figurative devices figurative devices: our education of the universe. -Ethos - to communicate shock and Metaphor: used in condensing Man's Reagan says how the Challenger team was pulling us into the future grieve to the Americans while greatest advancements over the past comforting them, and reassure them 50,000 years into half a century because we still have a lot to the importance of the program. The -Rhetorical questions (to engage the learn about space, and that the listeners) Evidence: "But why, some space quest will continue despite speech is aimed at magnifying ethos say, the moon? Why choose this as the failure. Therefore, both over logos our goal? And they may well ask why speeches have a focus on how -Pathos - the speech started off by climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 the space program will continue expressing pathos in the feeling of pain years ago, fly the Atlantic? Why does forward to improve knowledge. and loss that the nation shared toward Rice play Texas?" Both speeches included heavy the disaster -Similes (to make descriptions more doses of pathos, drawing on the vivid) Evidence: "as wide awake as a emotions of the audience to drive -Epideictic - a speech intended to praise which is often used to mark a city block", "as long as two lengths of their message home. formal event this field", and as tall as a 48 story structure" -Parallelism (evidence: "Today is a day Alliteration (to get the audience's for mourning and remembering.") attention and also to make the speech -Hyperbole (evidence: "Nancy and I are memorable) Evidence: "Change and pained to the core by the tragedy of the challenge", "Hazard and hostile", and shuttle Challenger. We know we share "Cigarette and cigars" this pain with all of the people of our country." )

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